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At Southern Palace we pride ourselves on empowering our team to be deployed in positions where they will gain knowledge and the transfer of skills. We, therefore have a very lean structure as we believe in unlocking value by active participation in our investment companies. Key candidates that we deploy within our structures play a critical role in their business units and need to ensure that the best communication and synergies are maintained.

Southern Palace Group has an estimable management structure in place which, not only ensures the professional drive of the company but also makes certain that the underlying ethos of the company, Driving Tomorrow, is implemented.

Sello is the founder of Southern Palace Group of Companies as well as numerous successful businesses. He is a well-established entrepreneur and has held numerous leadership advisory positions in state agencies.

Gladys is a non-executive director and a co-founder of Southern Palace Group of Companies. She serves on various boards within the Southern Palace Group companies. Gladys is a proven entrepreneur, driven to achieve growth and transformation through organic and strategic investment acquisitions. She has always been in the forefront of the empowerment, skills and human capital development initiatives within Southern Palace and its associate businesses.

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