Empowering knowledge gain

and independence

We are driven by credible and accountable leadership that is continually striving for optimum growth of business and the greater economic climate of our country. We are constantly searching to consolidate new partnerships that will add intrinsic value to the Southern Palace Group of Companies. However, we are aware of the importance of instilling sustainability within the brand and true-to-company practices locally and abroad. We are thus also conscious to women empowerment.

Through awareness of South Africa’s business and local communities we endeavour to provide training and up-skill by empowering those in need with sponsorship and skills

Our attitude towards value chain creation, creative commercial acumen, profitability and direction from respected market leaders yields good performance, delivery and outcome. By being conscious of the South African business landscape and local communities needing upliftment, we aim to provide training and sponsorship to those who are previously disadvantaged, enthusiastic, have a passion for learning and are driven. This ultimately increases job creation.

Our mentorship programme offers exposure to the business and working sphere by providing knowledge gain and independence. We constantly address enterprise development through enhancing growth and creating stability for small to medium enterprises.

visit out Southern Palace Foundation website for more information and bursaries

We help and guide many companies in their growth and development. It is our philosophy to mentor or find synergies with other companies to help develop and build our industries, and to support budding entrepreneurs.

For more information on our initiatives and mentorship programmes, email us: info@southernpalace.co.za

Young, driven and motivated / Always striving for growth and the best results / Creating partnerships / Instilling sustainability / Gender conscious

Value chain creation / Creative commercial acumen / Profitability / Market leaders / Quality products and services

Training and up-skill / Helping those in need through sponsorships and skills training / Job creation

Enhancing the youth of today with guidance and preparation / Exposure in the business and work place by providing knowledge - gain and independence

Enhancing growth and creating stability in small – medium enterprise

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